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Website home of the Amstrad CPC user group and magazine


WACCI is a UK based user group that supports the Amstrad CPC computer. It has a subscription-only, printed English magazine published bi-monthly and available throughout the world. The current issues of the magazine are now reproduced on this website.

What it's all about
The biggest part of the WACCI website is to include current issues of the magazine as they are published for subscribers. It's not the same as Editor Richard's beautifully crafted magazine, complete with adverts and pretty fonts, but it does supply those of you out there information about what we're doing. We want to share with you, to extend out to those who still have a fondness for their CPC days.

However, it would be a shame not to make the most of the medium of a website, and for that reason you'll also find other things to look at. It was decided originally (in WACCI Issue 136) that the website should have features such as a messageboard and chat room. However, there are already these kind of features implemented elsewhere on the internet and it would make much more sense for users to participate in these CPC communities rather than create new ones which will probably immediately become redundant and unused. Therefore there is now a resources page which contains details and links for you to follow.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...
Hopefully you'll find some good things on the website for you to browse through, along with reading the current issue of WACCI.