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Website home of the Amstrad CPC user group and magazine


Oh look, there's another WOLI
It had been a long time since WACCI was officially online, specifically in tandem with the magazine and editorial - infact, not since Steve Williams, back in 1987, produced issues of WACCI on a bulletin-board.

The first previous incarnation of the WACCI On-Line (WOLI) website, Matthew Phillip's website, did a wonderful job and is still available - WACCI The Worldwide Amstrad CPC User Club. Former editor John Bowley also had a website which contained information about the magazine, some articles and Public Domain listings. And again, his website is still online - WACCI The User Group.

Both of these websites contain a lot of information and are well worth a look, but they are now considerably out of date and it was decided that a more centralised, 'official' website was needed which is the one you're reading right now.

All made possible by...
David Cantrell is the splendid fellow who hosts the website and domain. David also maintains the WACCI email group, more details of which are on the resources page.