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What a twisted web we weave
Here is a list of great internet CPC resources. There is a comprehensive links page, along with details of several online CPC communities that you might want to become a part of. Also, don't forget to join the WACCI email group for the latest news and updates.

Nicholas Campbell maintains an extremely comprehensive list of links as part of his website:

Sean McManus maintains some pages including an excellent BASIC tutorial:

A newsgroup is very much like a messageboard where you can "post" messages for everyone else to see and reply to, either back to the board or personally by email. The 8-bit Amstrad newsgroup comp.sys.amstrad.8bit contains subscribers from both the CPC and PCW communities, including several WACCI committee members and subscribers. If you click on the link below for the newsgroup, your computer should start your client (which is usually Outlook Express on a Windows PC) and start to download the group for you.

You can chat with other CPC users using IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It sounds daunting at first, but is really very simple to use. There are two main CPC IRC channels, one which mainly consists of British users (#csa8 on Undernet) and the other which has a more European base of users (#cpc on IRCnet). A popular piece of IRC chat software for the PC is mIRC. However, if you just want to dive straight in, you can access the #csa8 channel on Undernet by visiting www.undernet.org and clicking on the 'Webchat' link. Once you have connected, simply type '/join #csa8' in the command box and you're in.

There are several web and FTP sites on the internet containing a wealth of CPC software to download. However, these sites have been notoriously unreliable in the past, so David Cantrell has mirrored these sites himself to provide you with the most reliable CPC and CP/M software archive on the internet. There's even the entire Robot PD library there too.

Email group
The WACCI email group (also maintained by David Cantrell) allows you to send an email to one address which is then subsequently sent to all subscribers on the list directly to their email accounts. It's used to announce news by the WACCI committee and also changes to the WACCI website. To join, send an email to majordomo@wacci.org.uk (or click the link below) containing the message body "subscribe wacci".